viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

My future job

Hello everyone!

This post is about my future job. This topic is specially complicated to me because I'm finished the graduated curses of sociology and very soon I have to start looking for a real job!

If you ask me what kind of job would I like to have? Well, I prefer a job where I can help people to improve his conditions of life, like public policy. Sometimes it's very boring for method and times, but I prefer that because the result of that kind of job is better than others, like market research.

Public policy is the best option, in my opinion, for the results and the payment, but also we have to included ONG's jobs. Maybe have less impact, but it's also important to help to solve the problems of the people, specially those have more difficulties.

Like you can assume, the aspects I consider when I choosing a job is, first, I have to enjoy what I'm doing, wich implies a job with challenges and a good working environment. Second, a good salary than let me live without huge financial problems. And third, I like work with people concerned to all the workers learn about his job.

If someone ask me in a job interview about my strengths and weaknesses, I will say that I can work in groups, so I can leader process of knowledge construction that help the company and people studied.  About my weaknesses, I'll say I'm a little messy because I do so many things that time don't let me do everything of the best way I could do.

Anyway, my curriculum is strong in academic aspects, so I'm afraid that I can't finding a job that let me develop not consider aspects until this moment. I hope that my youthfulness can help me to find the best job in my short experience in the field of sociology.

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