viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

English language challenges

English is a useful subject because is the most important language of this side of the world, so most of our culture is strongly influenced for this language. In social science is important for the development of some theories and methodologies, but we can live without know this language for traductions and other theories. However, traductions came later and science moves quickly, so is best learn and use english. 

This subject in university is fun, but the timetable is awful. My blogging experience was really useful. At the beginning was very awkward because I didn’t used to write about me knowing that other people can read it, but it worth it: blogging improved my grammar and let me know about my partners. 

Create a blog is a good system to learn because we can read and write about different things, every week. However, my blogging experience is incomplete: I didn’t write all the post but soon this reality will change. 

Anyway, I learn how utter daily situations and likes, besides syntax and grammar. Did I enjoy it? Well, some days I just want finish the post, and other days I want to write all the things I want to tell us. Blogging was awkward, yes, but also necessary to learn.

What aspects of my English need to be improved and how do I plan to do this? Well, I think I have to work in my grammar and pronunciation. I don’t plan improve my english of some particular way, because I think that I can learn whatching series online or listening music, besides takes all the opotunities to practices my english face to face.

One disadvantage of blogging in the English class could be some topics. Write about my favorite photograph or my favorite piece of technology can be really fun for some people, but also really boring to others. It’s complicated choose a topic that entertain everyone, but we can work on that.

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  1. Howdy. Hope you are well. Well, a lot of effort for that of grammar, which is the hardest. Chao!

  2. Hi!

    I dont think bad timetable awful... but I think that the two blocks should be in a diferents days to more systematicity

    good bye!