viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

English language challenges

English is a useful subject because is the most important language of this side of the world, so most of our culture is strongly influenced for this language. In social science is important for the development of some theories and methodologies, but we can live without know this language for traductions and other theories. However, traductions came later and science moves quickly, so is best learn and use english. 

This subject in university is fun, but the timetable is awful. My blogging experience was really useful. At the beginning was very awkward because I didn’t used to write about me knowing that other people can read it, but it worth it: blogging improved my grammar and let me know about my partners. 

Create a blog is a good system to learn because we can read and write about different things, every week. However, my blogging experience is incomplete: I didn’t write all the post but soon this reality will change. 

Anyway, I learn how utter daily situations and likes, besides syntax and grammar. Did I enjoy it? Well, some days I just want finish the post, and other days I want to write all the things I want to tell us. Blogging was awkward, yes, but also necessary to learn.

What aspects of my English need to be improved and how do I plan to do this? Well, I think I have to work in my grammar and pronunciation. I don’t plan improve my english of some particular way, because I think that I can learn whatching series online or listening music, besides takes all the opotunities to practices my english face to face.

One disadvantage of blogging in the English class could be some topics. Write about my favorite photograph or my favorite piece of technology can be really fun for some people, but also really boring to others. It’s complicated choose a topic that entertain everyone, but we can work on that.

viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2012

My future job

Hello everyone!

This post is about my future job. This topic is specially complicated to me because I'm finished the graduated curses of sociology and very soon I have to start looking for a real job!

If you ask me what kind of job would I like to have? Well, I prefer a job where I can help people to improve his conditions of life, like public policy. Sometimes it's very boring for method and times, but I prefer that because the result of that kind of job is better than others, like market research.

Public policy is the best option, in my opinion, for the results and the payment, but also we have to included ONG's jobs. Maybe have less impact, but it's also important to help to solve the problems of the people, specially those have more difficulties.

Like you can assume, the aspects I consider when I choosing a job is, first, I have to enjoy what I'm doing, wich implies a job with challenges and a good working environment. Second, a good salary than let me live without huge financial problems. And third, I like work with people concerned to all the workers learn about his job.

If someone ask me in a job interview about my strengths and weaknesses, I will say that I can work in groups, so I can leader process of knowledge construction that help the company and people studied.  About my weaknesses, I'll say I'm a little messy because I do so many things that time don't let me do everything of the best way I could do.

Anyway, my curriculum is strong in academic aspects, so I'm afraid that I can't finding a job that let me develop not consider aspects until this moment. I hope that my youthfulness can help me to find the best job in my short experience in the field of sociology.

jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

The hand agreement

I have to write a free – themed post, so I’d like to tell you about my favorite picture: 

This photo is called the hands agreement because represents the union between Concertación and Alianza por Chile politicians. This union was in 2006 after social mobilization for education, when they pass General Law of Education.

The mobilization for education was an important event in Chile because changed the way students organized his strikes plus a massiveness never seen after of Dictatorial government of Pinochet until that moment. After some marches who ended in repression, students decided to take their schools in sign of protest. The interesting thing was the important support received for the parents and the highest level of approval for their demands in a very long time, who demonstrated the importance of education for all the society.

In that time, the president Michelle Bachelet was call to students and Chilean Parliament to create a new Law who change the Pinochet’s law education, after a huge mobilization. Students wanted to change the entire educational system because this it was unequal with awful consequences to everyone who can’t pay a lot of money for education.   However, the new law was a fraud for students: the General Law of Education not included any point of students claim.

I don’t know who take the picture but it’s a great photo, which represent the way how Chilean students was cheat it for his pretended authority. With this General Law and photo, Chilean movement “learn” how works the Concertación and Alianza por Chile. I like this photo for these reasons.

In the center appear the president Michelle Bachelet and her education minister Yasna Provoste holding hands, with Alianza and Concertación around them.