viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

My favorite music: Vetusta Morla


I have to talk about art, so I want to talk about my favorite band: Vetusta Morla. They are a Spanish band who started about ten years ago in Tres Cantos, Madrid. They recorded their first album "Un día en el mundo" in 2008, and they released their second and last album, Mapas, in 2011.

With interesting lyrics and amazing concerts, Vetusta plays Indie rock music. Hitherto, they have won so many awards for their songs, videos and album.

My favorite songs are Baldosas Amarillas and Lo que te hace grande, from album Mapas. The sound and the lyric of these songs are amazing; beam me up to great memories. Actually, I think I like Vetusta Morla because I associate with good times. Is like a soundtrack for life.

Last May 31th, they played a concert to support to the Conservatorio Narciso Yepes from Lorca, for the earthquake that destroyed the Conservatory’s building. They mixed their music with classic style of Orquesta Sinfónica of Murcia, and now fans can buy in internet their songs to help the Conservatory. In the page, the say: “The objetive of the project is help to seal cracks of the Lorca conservatory, plus attract the attention about reconstruction in Lorca, away from government priorities for the time and economic crisis.”

So, my favorite band make excelent music and help to they people (:

I leave the video Lo que te hace grande, to know them:

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  1. Hi Alexia Vetusta Morla is a very interesting band from Spain :) .. I see the video "Lo que te hace grande" and I like it!! :)