jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

My best holiday

I don't know if the last summer was my best holiday like the title say, but I wanna write about this moment, so that's what I'll do.

The last summer, in January I went to the south from Chile. I travelled with my family, and the first place we visited was Valdivia. We stay in there about five days in a tiny shack, but every day we went to different places like museums, nearby lakes or beaches. One of this beaches was called Niebla, and when we get there we really found out why it was called that way... it was like a clouds factory.

Also we went for a seal ride, visiting an island with a big colonial fortress. My brother's girlfriend came with us, and in the return journey we left them in Pitrufquen, 'cause she has family there. Then, we arrived at Villarica's lake to stay for one night. The most part of the time the weather was temperate, we only saw rain one night (that's unusual, 'cause everybody says that in that zone rains all year)... and finally, in February I went a few days to Chillan with my best friends, just because it's our tradition.

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