viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Human Animals

Today I’m going to talk about pets and one thing I don’t understand: people who treat animals like humans. I think pets are adorable and a good company in moments of loneliness or when we are childrens and animals are like a friend or a toy, but I just don’t understand the people who dress a dog or a cat, make them fancy haircuts or believe that animals have better feelings than humans. They are just different, we can’t compare.
I really like pets and animals in general, and I think they can be very important in a family or for a person, but when some people try to change social relations for his relation with animals, I believe that he or she have some problems, because we can love animals but we need to other persons to live in society and, if we prefer a life with a lot of pets but we can’t have a healthy relation with people like me or you, his life can’t be good.
The last time I had a pet, it was a cat named Bianca. She was very important to me and I love her, because she was a great cat. Sadly, she died for anemia. Anyway, when I think in my cat, I didn’t think in it like a human, and that is my point.

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